Artistic Responses


Dawn Felicia Knox

Returning to the Philosophers’ Table began with a group of artists working in partnership with scientists to interpret the objects which were once gifted to the the Literary and Philosophical Society. The artists then evoked the objects and the narratives of the early Society via an interdisciplinary exhibition at the Lit & Phil Library. During the exhibition the public was invited in to investigate the artwork and evoke their own responses. I documented  all stages.

I began photographing the project to keep a record of all we had done but the image making grew into something more. I became interested in the performative nature of both art making and scientific investigation, along with the comparable physicality and rituals of both endeavours. I documented the art being made, installed, maintained, observed and in some instances, being transformed compared  with the original objects being observed and assessed. I am continually drawn to way the an image can heighten the mundane and make mythic that which usually goes unseen.

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