Artistic Responses

Irt Yru

Dawn Felicia Knox

Itr Yru died in her mid 30’s. In 900 BC. She was embalmed, entombed and then centuries later, she was unearthed  by Napoleon’s entourage. They put her on display in the Louvre. In 1826 was presented to the Literary and Philosophical Society as a gift. They unwrapped her. They pealed back her skin and inspected the dust of her organs. They then varnished her mummified remains and placed her on display in the main library.

I painted her portrait and hung it where her body once stood. I built my layers of oil and varnish atop the photographs of  her x-rays, on her very bones. I shrouded the painting in linen which was parted daily from 12 until 1 mirroring the original hours the public was allowed in to marvel at her remains.


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