Katy Cole


Images supplied by Katy Cole

Katy Cole graduated with a BA Honours in Fine Art from Northumbria University in 2003 and currently works full time as an artist in Newcastle upon Tyne. She is based at The Newbridge Project, an artist led studio and exhibition space in Central Newcastle.

 Cole’s practice concerns the destructive face of nature, from violent storms to explosions in Space. Drawing insight from found images of such disasters she creates intricate illustrations and animations intended to capture the extraordinary beauty inherent in these violent forces.

Recent projects include:

Temporary Worlds’  a group exhibition at Empty Shop in Durham

Frieze week Exhibition from Plus Arts Projects’ at The Mayors Parlour in London, ‘The Hearing Trumpet’  an artistic intervention at The Edward James Foundation in West Sussex

‘Art Houses Festival’  A film based exhibition housed at various locations in Whitley Bay.

Katy created Scelete Unicornium Verum as Part of Returning to the Philsphers Table.

Her work can be found at

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