The Gallery of Wonder: Great North Museum


 Art /science/ gallery/ museum.

The Gallery of Wonder, curated by Irene Brown, is a conference point and exhibition facility for research into the evocation of wonder. Fundamentally understood as a contemporary gallery it invites exploration into the potential of visual display to provoke inquiry and stimulate innovative associations. Its aim is to encourage the questioning of the conventional relationships between art and science, gallery and museum.

The Gallery of Wonder: GNM a specifically built cabinet placed within the Great North Museum: Hancock, the North of England’s only natural history museum. The GNM houses many of the objects which were originally gifted to the Literary and Philosophical Society including the mummy which is exhibited directly behind the Gallery of Wonder.

The Gallery of Wonder will host a series of exhibitions forming part of Returning to the Philosophers’ Table.

Please click on the above image or follow the link to access the GoW website.

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