Artistic Responses

The Portable Wonder Chamber

Dawn Felicia Knox

Returning to the Philosophers’ Table has been distilled into a ¬†suitcase which will join the traveling museum of the Book Apothecary.

The case includes:

– black beans like those cultivated by Isabel Lima

– the brush used to paint Itr Yru’s portrait

– Sheree Mack’s poem about Bahkten Hor

– dust like that collected by Sally Madge and used in her Fiction

– apparatus for closer inspection

– salt like that which preserved the platypus and wombat

– imprints of paleobotany specimens as both fossil and ink residue

– a jawbone washed ashore in a similar manor to the ribbon fish

– the sound of the windows of the world, the Occulus Mundi

– the hollow left by Stephen Livingstone’s Manifold Works



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