Benjamin Lawson


Image supplied by Ben Lawson

Benjamin Lawson is an artist and engineer with a physics degree from Bristol University and an MSc from Cranfield University. He has previously exhibited throughout the UK and internationally including with The Natural History Museum’s Blaschka collection. He also participated in the Pacific Northwest tree octopus internet hoax and was recently commissioned by the Austrian art technology group, Monochrom as part of their 20 year anniversary exhibition in Vienna.

Much of Benjamin’s work is concerned with the subjective and fragmentary nature of scientific enquiry and more particularly with the impact of cultural paradigms on the scientific imagination.

Current work and practice utilises the implied gravitas that comes from the language of the scientific illustrator to create playful work that questions the veracity of received knowledge.

Influences are many but Benjamin has a particular soft spot for the antiquarian imagination noting that what seems obvious in hindsight never is at the time and that human perspective, now as then, is finite and narrow, mutable by cultural circumstance.

Ben created The Ghost of the Carte Marina for our exhibition.

More of his work can be seen at


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